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How Detox Your Mind

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Your mind is a busy thing. Thoughts, information processing, memory procesing, recall, coding, uploading, dowloading...if your mind was a computer, it would have crashed by now.

Just like your computer needs to be updated, defragged, cleaned of viruses and malicious hardware, your mind neesd a „reboot” sometimes. However, it is not as easy as it sounds, to „unplug and restart” our mind. The funny thing about our thoughts that the more we are trying to unthink them, the stronger and louder they are.

Mindfulness and meditation are some of the ways we can manage to stop and focus our mind. The following are a few steps you can take to start a mental detox and cleanse, and a refocus exercies.

1. Make a Worry Box

Create box , a jar, or make a simple list in a „worry journal”. Set aside time every day to „worry” about a certain issue, for a set amount of time. When you review your list, you might find some of your worries are either unfounded, or they are not relevant any more. Others might deserve a good problem solving and worrying session. Go ahead, worry as much as you want. Write down everythign that worries you about the situation. When the time is up, stop worrying, and if the issue is not resolved, put it back into the box or jar. When you find yourself randomly worrying about something, gently tell yourself: its not time to worry. I’ll worry about ............ later.

2. Get into BLACK LETTER Writing

Get a notebook with lose papers, or one where you can easily remove pages. When you are angry, scared, depressed, lonely, and have really BLACK thoughts, write them all down. Go ahead! Self pity, worry, negative thoughts, anythign goes. No one will see what you wrote. Write everything out until you can not think of anything else to say. Then, destroy your letter. Cut it up into pieces, burn it, burry it, whatever you want to do. Its gone and so is the energy with it.

3. Take an Nature Bath

Research shows that spending time in nature has significant health benefits, reduce stress and cortisone levels, and increase relaxation and happy hormones. Make sure you spend time in nature, preferably away from busy beaches and overcrowded parks, as much as possible.

4. Take a Self Day and Make no Selfie.

These days, we are documenting every aspects of our lives. This creates unnecessary pressure to be always perfect, always happy, always „on”, always „instagram worthy”. Take a day when you are by yourself, doing what you like, a clumsily, badly, or perfectly as you can. Take no selfies. Take no pictures at all. Tell no one what you’ve done, where you have been. Let this be your personal secret.

5. Mind your Peace of Mind

Stay away from news, movies, videogames, garbage, gossip, and other things that „poison” your mind. Protect your mind as if it was a valuable asset, becasue it is. You would not let others come to your yard and leave their garbage in the middle of your flower garden, would you? Stay away from those who unload their mental garbage and take away your piece.

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