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Lose Weight Without Trying

The foolproof way to achieve optimal weight and fitness

The best way to lose weight fast, and easy is, not to try to lose weight at all.

You heard me right: to achieve optimal mental, emotional and phisical health, DO NOT TRY TO LOSE WEIGHT.

Focusing on weightloss to fix a weight problem is like fanning the smoke of a fire. We might breathe easier as long as we are fanning, but does not put out the fire or stop the smoke.

Whether you are overweight or underweight, your weight is not the problem. Your weight is a symptom and consequence of your body adjusting to a series of genetics, hormonal, stress and other changes in your environment AND your conscisous or unconcsious choice of coping mechanisms, habits and choices over time.

After millions of articles, TV shows, medical and fitness trends, and countless diets, support groups, counselling, therapy, books, music videos (or shall I say, IN SPITE of them) we all know, what we are supposed to do to lose weight.

We go to the gym, suffer the shame of being the only fat person among people who look like Greek Gods and Godesses, we turn our body into pretzels, huff and puff, suffer through "no pain no gain", and we gain back the weight and some more the minute we got off the treadmill, because of injury, sickness or because, we simply could not keep it up any more.

We spend money, effort, energy and willpower on following strict dietary and fitness rules and rituals, but we cannot simply follow the easiest rule, EAT LESS, MOVE MORE.

What we do not seem to know, is how to NOT put on the weight in the first place. How to find the root of our unwanted weight gain how achieve and MAINTAIN our ideal fitness and weight level, naturally, effortlessly and may I say, happily, forever ever and after.

I used to be the "skinny bitch": the person who ate humungous amounts of food, never set foot in a gym, did not suscribe to diets or fitness programs, yet, maintained her weight throught three pregnancies without as much as a single unwanted pound of flesh.

Things changed and I became the Curvy Woman. My weight gain did not bother me I became a belly dancer and shook what my momma gave me, without shame or remorse.

Things changed, and I became a Fit Goddess: I went back to the gym and and turned my addiction to food, coffee and cigarettes into addiction to weight machines, keeping track of every morsel I ate, calculated calories and micronutritiens on the go and measured weightgain or losses in ounces and millimeters.

I was also a Counsellor, I gave advice to women and men who suffered from eating disorders, like anorexia or bulemia. Women and men who desperately tried to lose or gain weight, to the point that they were literally dying to be skinny.

I also worked with clients who had other type of addcitions: work, money, sex, gambling, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol. All they ever wanted, all I ever wanted is to "fix" our discomfort, cope with the stress, deal with unwanted changes, to stop the pain, to be loved, to be accepted, to be happy.

Obviously, I already know how to be skinny. As a counsellor, I know the roots and casues of addiction, including addiction to food. I also know how to lose weight and I know how to become fit and lean. In theory I know how to faciliate change, and I supported countless of clients to make significant changes in their lifes.

Solving the "addiction" by willpower and effort alone is like pushing a beach ball under water. Eventually,we will lose control, and shoot out of the water higher than ever before.

The reasons, and triggers to our addiciton are also not the culprits. They are reasons and triggers but not causes. One is stressed lose appetite other is stressed and eats everything from the fridge.

To lose weight, to reach and maintain optimal health, wellness and satisfaction, concentrate on feeding your body, mind and soul with the nutrition, exercise and comfort it needs. Recognize your triggers and optimize your responses to aging, stress, hormonal and chemical imabalances, environmental and other changes to give yourself the best possible outcome : watch your conscious and unconscious responses and change your reactions. Develop habits that promote optimal function for your entire body.

Weight is a symptom of what goes on in your body and mind. Weight is not an excuse, weight iss not a cause. Weight is not in charge and weight is not an enemy.

Focus on developing habits and choices to optimize your body and mind's function and trust your body to know how to do the rest.

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