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Resilience 101 : Make Friends with Stress

Life is stressful. Live with it.

At the time if writing this post, to say we live in STRESSFUL TIMES is an understatement.

There is good stress (like being love, or starting a new job, getting married, starting a family, moving to the Caribbean ) and there is bad stress.

What is going on lately, is very, very bad stress: I am talking about ongoing, crazy, "omgIneverthoughthiscouldhappenandIamamasterpessimisst" kind of stress. I am talking about pandemics, climate change, global health care and economic collapse and news of Kanye and the Kardashians.

I do not want to talk about how to reduce stress in your life, because for most of us, reducing stress in our life right now, is not really an option. In fact, it seems most of it, all of it, is out of our control: we feel powerless and unceartain about the future, and THIS is what creates the stress.

I want to talk about RESILIENCY.

I want to talk about how not only how to outlast, outwin and survive stressfull periods but how to thrive and grow under stressful conditions. How to get stronger. How to come out winning and swinging at the end.

Relax. You do not need to be a "positive thinker" nor an optimist. You can continue to believe in Murphy's Law, instead of the Law of Attraction. You do not have to solve or resolve anything, and you can still come out happy, healthy, youthful and beautiful at the end.

Now, I am not saying you will be able to eliminate stress from your life. You may find, that 90 percent of what is going on you do not control and the remaining 10 percent controls you. What you CAN do, by learning to be resilient, is to outsmart stress. Outlive, outwit and survive, get back stronger and more resilient with everythign LIFE throws at you.

Resiliency is only about 10 percent genetics, and 90 percent effort.

Here are some things that promote resiliency:

  • Resist throwing a tantrum. Stay way from bad ideas, bad habits, bad coping skills, that only make the situation worse, and create more stress. Telling the boss to go stuff it, might feel good in the moment, but might not be wise in the long term. Drinking a bottle of Whiskey or eating a gallon of icecream sure is soothing now, but will have consequences later.

  • Find the Heck Ya in the world of F*ck NOs. No matter how ugly everything seems to be, there ARE beautiful things in this world. A tree. A cloud. A child. A puppy. A lover's smile. FIND THE GOOD as if your life dependended on it, because, really, your life DOES depend on it.

  • Learn new information, new skills, new ways to solve a problem instead of wishing the problem to go away.

  • Find ways to make best of a situation, (without pretending that the situation is "the BEST!"

  • Realize whaterver is going on, and however long it seems it is going on, it will, eventually end. (Might get worse, then you will miss the good old times...ok. just kidding)

  • Its not the end of the world, unless it is the end of the world. Besides, if it is the end of the world, you might as well use and enjoy those last hours before the asteroid hits... As long as you are alive, its not over.

  • Feed your brain, your body, mind and soul with positive things, ideas, energy and food. Watch your diet, do not overeat or starve, Watch the Knowledge channel instead of trash TV. Avoid the News, except for news that is immediately

  • Set realistic goals, create plan A-Z. Commit to plan A, until it is necessary to switch to plan B. Be ready to change directions, change plans, make a U turn or abort a plan that no longer works or a goal that is unattainable.

  • Play. Be creative. Paint. Pick up an old hobby or try a new one.

  • Get a dog. Or cat. or parrot. Or a slug. (Although, slugs are admittedly less emotional and loving than, say, dogs) Having a pet and being responsible for a living soul, feeling needed and having some creature to take care of does wonders.

  • Relax. Calm yourself. Breathe. Sleep.

  • Stay away from Social Media. (except when you like our Facebook page)

  • Whatever you do, do NOT watch the Kardashians.

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